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DHL Service Point In Lowell MA. Whether you need to send a parcel or want to receive one, DHL Express is a service that will get it to you quickly. This German logistics company delivers over 1.8 billion parcels each year. We ship daily to Cambodia, Haiti, Vietnam, the Philipines, Thailand, Canada, Kenya, Nigeria, Liberia, Ghana, Morocco, and The Rest of Europe and The Middle East. Our staff can help you package, complete export documents, and ship your letters and packages at discounted rates up to 40% off DHL.com rates. Neighborhood Parcel is trusted by Lowell MA residents and businesses for over a decade to handle all overseas shipments.

DHL Service Point In Lowell MA

Whether you’re looking to send a small package to Europe, or you’re sending an international shipment for a corporate client, DHL Express is the global market leader in express delivery. Its services include time-definite delivery, secure door-to-door service, and the ability to track shipments online. It’s a smart choice for international eCommerce brands.

DHL offers time-definite delivery options through its Time Definite Import Services. Depending on your destination, delivery times can range from the next possible business day to several days. It can also provide extensive weekend delivery options. These services are available in more than 220 countries.

Express Domestic includes door-to-door delivery, end-to-end tracking, and the option to arrange a fixed delivery preference. For urgent packages, Express Domestic guarantees that they’ll be delivered the next business day, even if you aren’t home. Express Domestic also offers a variety of optional services, such as Direct Signature and Non-Standard Pickup.

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DHL Office Near Me

Using a DHL Express meta box in WooCommerce allows you to set the invoice number and invoice date. It’s important to note that this function is considered to be outdated. The DHL Express meta box is located in the Orders section of WooCommerce. It’s possible to set the invoice number and invoice date to a range of different days. It’s important to remember that the invoice number and invoice date aren’t guaranteed, and they’re not a part of your contract with DHL. If the invoice is not generated on time, DHL won’t be held liable for delays.

The DHL Express meta box also allows you to set a custom service breakdown charge. This is an optional feature. This allows you to show customers the breakdown of services. You can also set a cut-off time. This can be useful for orders placed after the cut-off time has passed.

International Shipping Made Simple

Depending on your shipment’s origin and destination, customs clearance time can vary. However, in most cases, the customs process is fairly straightforward. The best time to clear your shipment is during your local customs’ operating hours. There are several things you can do to speed up the process. One of the most important steps is to buy local licenses. If you are importing from outside the country, you may need to pay duties and taxes. These can be paid for with two different methods.

Another step is to obtain a customs registration code. You can obtain this online from the Chinese custom website. The code will allow you to track your shipment‘s customs clearance. If your shipment has arrived at a customs terminal, you may have to wait up to three days for your package to be cleared. You may also be billed for storage charges.

No Hidden Fees

Unlike USPS, DHL Express charges extra services. These include surcharges for packages over 30 kg, 120 cm, and 200 cm, and a cleanup fee for Air shipments. DHL also charges a 9.25% fuel surcharge in December. The GoGreen Climate Neutral initiative, which offsets carbon emissions, is one of DHL’s ways of reducing its environmental impact. DHL also provides Shipment Protection, which is arranged for an additional charge. This covers all risks of loss or damage.

DHL also has Extended Liability, which covers losses that are caused by circumstances beyond DHL’s control. The company also offers a number of other services. These include Broker Notification, which transfers clearance documents to another broker. The company has recently settled a class action lawsuit over its unlawful conduct. The suit claims that DHL violated the federal Competition Act and that the company’s conduct was unjustly enriched.

Customs Clearance

Whether you’re shipping a small item to a friend or an international shipment, you may want to consider DHL Express’s shipment insurance to the actual value of goods declared by you. This provides you with financial protection against the risk of physical damage, theft, and loss. This insurance offers a variety of benefits, including coverage for the cost of repair and replacement. However, it’s important to note that the real value of the item may be much less than the amount you are offered to compensate you for damages.

For instance, DHL Express’s shipment insurance to the exact value of goods declared by you may not cover the cost of replacing broken or broken-down items. It may also provide no compensation for late or lost shipments. While DHL may not provide the best customer service, its Shipment Insurance offers a reliable solution to your insurance needs. It’s available for import and export shipments and can be added to your shipment easily.

History Of The City Of Lowell MA

Lowell (/ˈloΚŠΙ™l/) is a city in Massachusetts, in the United States. Alongside Cambridge, It is one of two traditional seats of Middlesex County. With an estimated population of 115,554 in 2020, it was the fifth most populous city in Massachusetts as of the last census, and the third most populous in the Boston metropolitan statistical area. The city also is part of a smaller Massachusetts statistical area, called Greater Lowell, and of New England’s Merrimack Valley region.

Incorporated in 1826 to serve as a mill town, Lowell was named after Francis Cabot Lowell, a local figure in the Industrial Revolution. The city became known as the cradle of the American Industrial Revolution because of its textile mills and factories. Many of Lowell’s historic manufacturing sites were later preserved by the National Park Service to create Lowell National Historical Park. During the Cambodian genocide (1975–1979), the city took in an influx of refugees, leading to a Cambodia Town and America’s second-largest Cambodian-American population.

Lowell is home to two institutions of higher education. UMass Lowell, part of the University of Massachusetts system, has three campuses in the city. Middlesex Community College’s two campuses are in Lowell and in the town of Bedford, Massachusetts. Arts facilities in the city include the Whistler House Museum of Art, the Merrimack Repertory Theatre, the Lowell Memorial Auditorium, and Sampas Pavilion. In sports, the city has a long tradition of boxing, hosting the annual New England Golden Gloves boxing tournament. The city has a baseball stadium, Edward A. LeLacheur Park, and a multipurpose indoor sports arena, the Tsongas Center, both of which have hosted collegiate and minor-league professional sports teams.

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About Us: Neighborhood Parcel Is DHL ServicePoint Near Me. DHL Express international shipping services at discounted rates! With service to over 220 world destinations, like Cambodia, China, Japan, Kenya, Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Columbia! DHL can deliver your mail, letters, and packages to your loved ones through a robust network of aircraft, trucks, canoes, and mopeds. Our pre-negotiated wholesale rates can save you up to 40% off DHL.com retail rates.Neighborhood Parcel is proudly serving these communities in Massachusetts and New Hampshire: Acton, Andover, Billerica, Chelmsford, Dracut, Boston, Haverhill, Cambridge, Nashua NH, Salem NH, Andover, Tewksbury, Tyngsboro, Burlington, Lawrence, Lowell, Waltham, Wilmington, Woburn MA.

Legal Disclaimer: Neighborhood Parcel is an independently owned and operated Authorized Shipping Center, offering shipping services through DHL, FedEx, and UPS. Neighborhood Parcel is not owned by, affiliated with, or operated by DHL. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of DHL. Any service comparisons made are based on the author's personal experience and research, and customers are encouraged to verify information with the respective companies before making any decisions.

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