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"I used to ship overseas through the post office but often get disapointed, because the service was not worth the savings. Merchandise often arrive late and damaged. Since I discovered your DHL service, I became a frequent visitor. Your staff is helpful and always friendly. All my shipments arrive on time and without damage. I just wish DHL was more affordable to Cambodia"

Experience matters

Whether you are shipping phones, clothes, shoes, games, or car parts, DHL ships practically everything and takes great care of your valuable goods. However, you must package your contents well so they can reach their destination safely. To help you, we’ve put together some packaging tips!

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Fragile means fragile

Fragile goods like laptops, glass material, need to be packaged differently from a metal and car parts, of course. Whatever you wish to send, remember that better packaging means safer shipping and often lower cost. So make sure you use a box rated for shipping, secure any loose parts, and protect fragile goods with some padding and bubble wrap.

Professional packaging means savings $. If there’s a person who knows how best to send a parcel, it’s our packaging agents. They will tell you how to cut the shipping box to size, make sure it’s securely fastened, and where to place the shipping label.

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Free DHL Supplies

Free DHL supplies, means no money out of pocket! DHL has designed boxes in different sizes to fit their carrier network and protect your goods.

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Trained Agents

Neighborhood Parcel staff is profely trained to package your merchandise from watches, to computers and gold gear, we have the right size box for any shipment!

DHL Express

Reduced Cost

The right size box can save you on dimenssional weight surcharges. We will custom cust a box to fit your merchadise and save you you money $$

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DHL Boxes

Boxes are designed to sustain the stress of transit and tranport. They are also provided in different sized to maximize your savings.

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Export Requirements

Our packaging material meets and exceeds all export and international shipping requirements. They are designed from 100% recycled material that is strong and rated for shipping

DHLl International Shipping Office

DHL Airwaybill

Lables make an important role in guiding your shipment to its destination. We know how to apply these markings and use the proper adhisive and tape to apply it to your box and letter.

About Us

Neighborhood Parcel is DHL ServicePoint Partner, serving the Merrimack Valley since 2007. Our location is accessible to Andover, Lowell, Dracut, Billerica, Boston, Methuen, Lawrence, Haverhill, Nashua NH, Salem NH, Wilmington, Woburn, and Tewksbury in Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire


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