Best Way To Ship To Africa

When it comes to international shipping from Boston MA to Africa, you should stay away from the Post Office at any price possible. Not only that you will be wasting your time and money, the shipment is often delivered to Africa months late and you cannot track it once it leaves JFK Port in New York. Depending on the Post Office Service you select like Priority Mail or Express Mail, your shipment to Africa: Kenya, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria, Gambia, Morocco, Ethiopia, etc.. can take anywhere from 10-30 days to reach its destination. Neighborhood Parcel near Lowell MA, Methuen MA, Andover MA, Boston MA and Tewksbury MA can help you ship your next DHL letter to Africa at a fraction of the cost of UPS and FedEx!

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DHL Is #1 Shipping Carrier To Africa

When it comes to shipping to Africa, you want to use the most reliable network of carriers like FedEx, DHL, and UPS. Nobody want to do the same thing twice, we hear stories of people trying to save money and trusting their important documents to the Post Office that simply fails to deliver on time or loses the shipment. The effort to save money and use the cheapest method to ship to Africa often backfires and the customer will have to re-ship the same documents months later via DHL. So the question is how much did you really save? Express Letter to Africa, like Kenya, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Liberia, Cameroon, Nigeria, the Gambia for example, will cost you depending on the weight $65 to $90 and will take 1-4 weeks to reach its destination if it makes it! DHL will get it delivered to anywhere in Africa in 2-5 Business Days for dollars more! 

DHL Service Features To Africa

  1. 100% Guaranteed On-time delivery.
  2. Trackable every step of the way.
  3. Discounted Shipping Rates Available at Neighborhood Parcel.
  4. Export Document Preparation Assistance.
  5. Free DHL Packaging Supplies.
  6. Free Pick Up Service.

I used Neighborhood Parcel for over 5 years now to ship all my letters and gifts to Iraq. I learned about their services through my friends and after my documents were lost by the post office. I deceided to reship my documents using DHL for their reliability. Neighborhood Parcel helped me navigate the menu of services to Kenya and helped me get my docyments delivered to DHL within days. I love Neighborhood Parcel! Give them a call and see for yourself. Bangha W. Lowell MA

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International Shipping Service Is Not Cheap!

DHL is not your cheapest option but it is the most reliable way to ship packages and letters overseas! You can spend $80 at the Post office and your letter will be delivered late or never makes it to Africa, or for few dollars more, use the #1 rates carrier to the Middle East, Asia, and Europ. Since 1996, DHL was trusted to deliver Mail to Europe, Africa, and Asia. They operated the largest fleet of Airplanes and take full custody of your mail and packages from pick up to final delivery. They often do not use third party contractors and rely on their own DHL employees to do the work. They maintain control of the shipment throughout Customs and that is the most secure way to deliver your packages. They will clear Customs and help you pay any import duty taxes to get your shipment delivered. To get started on your next DHL shipment, stop by Neighborhood Parcel or call (978)851-0199.

DHL Discount Shipping Offer

DHL Shipping Discount Offer